Happy Walters

Fine Art Photographer
Dorado, Puerto Rico

Happy Walters is an accomplished fine art photographer, residing in Dorado, PR. An extensive traveler, armed with a camera and an endless imagination, he documents his journeys through film and introduces the viewer to the cultures he photographs: a bullfighter in Mexico, a dancer in Havana, a child in Paris.

Using no posed models, Happy captures his subjects candidly in the midst of their daily lives. These lifestyle portraits explore the intricacies of different societies, customs, and traditions, inviting the viewer to take a look into moments stolen by a photograph.

Happy is a self-trained photographer with a background in business. As an entrepreneur in the music business, Happy has the opportunity to photograph bands’ performances and finds the energy and raw emotion of live concerts intriguing. Through his photographs, the viewer can experience the intensity of an artist’s performance while conveying the passion behind the music

Never tiring of the challenge of expressing his views and feelings about the world around him through his art, Happy seeks imagery encouraging the viewer to catch a glimpse of the amazing beauty in everyday surroundings.

Happy shoots his work with a variety of equipment. The Pentax 67 and the Mamiya 645AD, are his medium format cameras of choice, while the Leica M7 and Canon EOS3 are his 35mm favorites. Happy prints much of his work using a Durst Multigraph enlarger.